2018 Resolution: Be More Committed to “Whimsically Classic”

I apologize that I haven’t updated for months.  I didn’t want to be one of those people that abandoned their blog and then… I became one of those people.  I think I overwhelmed myself by signing up for too many blogging events and suddenly, blogging became more of a chore than something that was fun.  Well 2018 is here and I want to get back into blogging.  I’ll admit that I am struggling with finding my voice and figuring out what I want my blog to be about, and while at the same time, try to create something different.  There are a lot of Classic Film and Television blogs out there.

I decided that instead of trying to develop some sort of gimmick or shtick, I would just focus on what I like and what I enjoy about classic film and television.  I do not want to focus on least favorite films, actors, etc. because that is not something that I enjoy reading about.  Why focus on the negative?

I plan on starting a new feature on this blog entitled “Recently Watched…” where I will review a film that I just saw for the first time.  This will hopefully be the result of one of my 2018 resolutions which is to watch a new film without any distractions, e.g. looking at stuff on the internet, playing games on my phone, etc.  I find myself doing that almost absentmindedly.  Another one of my 2018 resolutions involved reading more.  I’m also signed up for the 2018 Reading Challenge on the Goodreads community.  I am starting with a modest goal: 12 books, 1 book/month.  Right now I am reading James M. Cain’s Mildred Pierce (1941), the novel that served as the source material for the 1945 classic film of the same name.  I plan on starting another feature on this blog where I compare the novel with the film.

New Year, New Me!

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